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Episode 2 - Alpha Centauri Kid

Episode 2 - Alpha Centauri Kid

The artist Alpha Centauri Kid goes deep on his background, the energy force that he calls "The Muse," his collaboration with XCOPY, his relationship to money, his ambitious future plans, and more.

On today’s episode, I am talking with the artist known as Alpha Centauri Kid, or simply ACK.

For a transcribed version of this interview accompanied with images, please visit the following posts: ACK - Part 1 and ACK - Part 2.

made these for your girl by Alpha Centauri Kid

Alpha Centauri Kid AKA ACK is an artist based in San Antonio, Texas. 

He is most widely known for his digitally native art that deeply embodies the crypto spirit. But that description just scratches the surface of who he is and what he does. 

ACK, as you will hear in today’s conversation, does not confine himself to any single medium. While the majority of his work is 3D digital art, he also works in 2D, screen printing, oil on canvas, and even woodworking.

Anyone who follows ACK, knows that he refers to himself as a Humble Servant of The Muse. But who is this Muse? How does she speak to him? Do we all have a muse? Keep listening for more on these questions.

ACK and I also chat about his art and background, his personal life, and his recent very successful piano collection, known formally as The Broken Keys. We also discuss more intimate topics including parenting, the shortness of life, death and regret, his relationship to money, and the last time he cried.

Finally, ACK reveals some alpha about his future plans, including his idea for his next big collection, upcoming physicals, the future of his highly exclusive PFP collection, a collaboration he is working on, and more.

Before we dive in to the conversation, two quick housekeeping notes:

This is my second podcast ever. When I recorded the conversation with ACK I did not know that I would use this audio for a pod, so I apologize for occasional poor audio quality and a general lack of editing.

This episode is going to be behind a paywall to start, and will only be available to Hound House members for the first week of its existence. After that, I will make it available to the general public. No matter who you are, and when you are listening to this, I would love your feedback. So please comment on the substack post, or send me a note on Twitter. And if you enjoy the episode, please do share it on Twitter.

Finally, this podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and nothing that I or any of my guests say should be construed as investment or financial advice. I may or may not own any of the securities, tokens, or artwork mentioned in the episode.

And now, please enjoy my conversation with Alpha Centauri Kid.

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