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The Monty Report
Episode 1: Rhett Mankind

Episode 1: Rhett Mankind

Artist and $TURBO co-creator Rhett Mankind on art, life, money, the future of turbo, and more. This is an experimental pilot podcast episode.

In today’s podcast episode of The Monty Report I am sitting down with the digital artist Rhett Mankind (@rhett on Twitter).

Rhett is an award-winning digital artist with a background in branding, digital art, and advertising. Recently, in the crypto world, he broke through from niche artist to mainstream persona when he co-created, alongside Chat GPT, the Turbo Toad Token, better known simply as $TURBO.

In today’s conversation Rhett and I chat about his art and background, his personal life, and of course, Turbo. We get into the weeds, including his thoughts on his ongoing role in the $Turbo project, as well as what he is thinking for the billions of tokens that he still holds. We also get personal and discuss his near-death experience, his struggle with purposelessness, and his parenting.

Before we dive in to the conversation, a few housekeeping notes:

First of all, this whole podcast thing is a big experiment. I did not put a lot of work into editing, and when we had the conversation I didn’t even know I would end up deciding to turn this into a podcast. So please bear with me in regards to polish, audio quality, and all of that good stuff. I decided to ship this minimum viable episode mostly to get a sense of how much time it takes to do this, and also so that I can get more rapid feedback from my community.

This first episode is going to be behind a paywall to start, and will only be available to Hound House members for the first week of its existence. After that, I will make it available to the general public.

Finally, please note that this podcast is for educational and entertainment purposes only, and nothing that I or any of my guests say should be construed as investment or financial advice. I may or may not own any of the securities, tokens, or artwork mentioned in the episode.

And now, without further ado, please enjoy my conversation with Rhett Mankind.


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