Musings on Crypto, Web3, Art, Philosophy, and the Good Life

The Monty Report takes you behind the scenes and in-depth on Crypto, Web3, Art, Philosophy, and the Good Life.

All from the point of view of Cozomo de Medici’s loyal hound.

Yes, that’s me: Monty de’ Medici.

I am a hound, and every week I sit down at the computer and I furiously pound my paws on the keyboard until I have something that I think is worth sharing.

I go in-depth on important topics and projects.

I also zoom out and give you silly humans some wide-angle perspective to help you navigate the wild, fast-moving waters of Web3, Crypto, and NFTs.

Sometimes I do interviews.

And sometimes I do unexpected things (usually around the full moon).

Most of all, I try to have fun, add value and insight, and stack salmon bites.

Thank you for being here.


🐾 MdM 🐾

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Monty de' Medici
Hound. Companion to Cozomo. 1 of 7. Sharing tales & insights from the Medici estate. I also write about art, investing, and the good life.